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Is it wise to eat a pizza burger?

Is it wise to eat a pizza burger?
Is it wise to eat a pizza burger?

Nowadays most people like to eat fast food and prefer it to home food. The young generation is also more inclined towards take-outs and burgers. They eat very eagerly like pizza, burgers, noodles, etc. They are doing the work of very dangerous poison for their health. Although this is not exactly the case, they are happily feeding their children by buying poison without knowing it.

In recent times, the most important reason

for the rapid spread of diseases such as obesity, heart disease, kidney failure,d blood pressure among the young generation and young children in society these foods are prepared with harmful ingredients.

Recently, my dear relative's 11-year-old son started complaining of a severe headache after coming home from school. The mother thought it was a minor headache due to exhaustion and hunger and made the child lemon water. The child's condition worsened and he became unconscious after drinking the drink. Half of his body has been paralyzed.

If the child was taken to the hospital in time, his condition would not have been so bad.

Moreover, the situation worsened due to the lack of knowledge and carelessness of the mother. Therefore, according to the doctors, if the child Had he been rushed to the hospital a minute later, he could have died of a ruptured cerebral artery.

You can imagine how distressing it would be for a parent to have a child develop a deadly disease like high blood pressure at such a young age, and the main cause of these diseases at such a young age is market-made drugs. There are seemingly clean and tasty items, but the food and drinks found on stalls and carts in the markets are also very harmful to our health.

Ingredients are added, due to the excess of which our internal body system is seriously affected.

Every day we are eating foods that are found to have a high amount of sodium rate, so immediately put these in your list of food and drink items. Give up the things that are enemies of our health. We should use fewer outside things in our normal life. It is possible to win and choose home food because home food is fresh and free from all kinds of germs and diseases. It is free from

Today's people tend towards fast foods to increase business and other people which leads to increase in their income and increase in diseases in our body so home cooking is the best choice.

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