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Start every morning with breakfast

Start every morning with breakfast
Start every morning with breakfast

A big stupid mistake of modern households is not having breakfast, which is also due to late mornings. In our country, where it is customary to drink only toss and strong tea for breakfast, if someone is having anonymous complaints, the cause of which is not clear and no problem is detected on medical examination, then the diet of these people should be checked. Habits should be tracked and their blood sugar levels should be checked at different times.


Now it can be said without fear of denial that in our society laziness, laziness, fatigue, pessimism, antipathy, irritability, laziness, weakness, weak-willedness and sloppy thinking are mixed with dietary habits. In a sense, our wrong diet can be likened to a flammable substance.

People who don't eat breakfast, they can show indolence in solving various national problems, personal matters, political and economic issues.

Therefore, the importance of good breakfast is very high in offices,

factories, institutions, drivers, pedestrians and students of schools and colleges. There is a possibility that blood sugar is less than normal in people who are obviously young, irritable, agitated, depressed and riotous. Adequate blood sugar is essential for brain energy, the lack of which can lead to seizures.

An elderly woman from a prosperous family fell ill in the evening. The sweat broke out and the heart began to beat. His family rightly feared that he might not have had a heart attack. Detailed examination and electrocardiogram (ECG) were found to be correct. On further inquiry it was revealed that the lady lives alone in her grand Lip Beach house.

Most of the children are abroad. A son and a daughter-in-law reside in the adjoining house, who drop in occasionally, otherwise only a village servant takes care of it. Recently his daughter came from America. The woman became very depressed due to the grief of his going back. He stopped eating and drinking and as a result became hypoglycemic, which led him to these conditions.

Drinking a few spoons of sugar dissolved in water gave a quick but temporary cure.

There is no doubt that many people suffer from weakness, fatigue, heart palpitations, headaches, unresponsiveness of the legs while walking, and some vague and nameless complaints, which in hindsight do not appear to have any cause. Diabetes can be caused by anemia. If they and their relatives believe that they are having a heart attack, which is reflected in the following cases, these people were convinced that they were suffering from a heart attack, when it was not. was

A man left his breakfast at home while going hunting and spent the whole day playing hungry and thirsty. Another man went without breakfast to his motor factory, where he toiled without lunch. A third person was on vacation in the mountains, where he attempted to climb to the top of a mountain before having breakfast. Even in the morning he was walking and later he was engaged in exercise all day without eating or drinking anything.

A fourth person had drastically reduced their diet to lose weight.

She complained of weakness in the early morning and late hours of the night, when blood sugar can be extremely low. An old woman complained that whenever she went out and had to walk even a little, she felt faint. Her problem was that, being single, she didn't want to get into the hassle of cooking, nor did she have the energy for those tasks.

His diet consisted mostly of sweet biscuits.

A detailed examination of the above persons did not reveal any abnormality, but they themselves were very much afraid due to their sufferings that they could not get out of this dilemma, because they are suffering from heart disease. His wives were caring for him like premature babies are cared for by their anxious mothers and the attention of all the household members was on his heart condition.

A female student was afraid of food due to psychological reasons. Her blood sugar was getting low more and more often and whenever she was driving, she was bound to have accidents. An incident, rather an accident, is that of a well-mannered person, who used to go to the office by drinking only a cup of coffee. As soon as the afternoon came, he would feel faint. His lady doctor wife was also malnourished.

She was not able to eat properly due to some depression and some busyness of work and only ate something when she had cramps and started sweating. He didn't even have the courage to pay attention to his wife, that is, An Khana Sama Tarika Ist (Everything is dark in this house).

These are not just anecdotes, but true events in which a world of forgiveness is hidden for those who meditate.

The condition of children studying in schools is even worse. Fatigue due to lack of sleep due to watching television late at night, lack of time for essential needs due to waking up late, worry of being late and having breakfast in a hurry to reach school. Lack of time and if the stomach is overfilled by eating late at night, as has become the norm these days, it becomes even more difficult to eat breakfast.

Therefore, most of the children do not go to school after having a good breakfast. Most make their way to school without anything to eat or drink.

Some live only on a cup of milk and some eat butter.

Irritability, restlessness, dullness of mind, perversion of character, poor reading and fatigue are common in these children. They seem sleepy, i.e. sleepy and cannot perform any major task well.

The pocket money they get from home, they spend on buying sweets and chaat from the stalls around the school, but they suffer from constant malnutrition, because they cannot compensate for a good breakfast. Rather, it is the beginning of ill health for the future. The main cause of tooth decay in children is eating too much sugar and sugary foods.

Even in an educated and prosperous country like America, half of the children do not eat breakfast properly. Girls' habits are worse in this matter. The same is the case with women, especially those who go out for work. In fact, most people's breakfast is incomplete and consists of only tea and coffee without adequate protein. These people cannot do their job well and get tired very quickly. Not only do they remain sluggish and weak till noon, but even after having lunch they look listless, tired and haggard.

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