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Treatment of fatty liver

Treatment of fatty liver
Treatment of fatty liver

Worldwide, efforts are being made to control hepatitis B and C, but no significant progress is being seen in the treatment of fatty liver. Apart from Bihar, fatty liver disease is at the top of liver disorders in Pakistan. Most of the people who have enlarged bellies are suffering from diabetes, or are on the borderline of diabetes, they are suffering from fatty liver disease. are happening

In fact, the rate of fatty liver is increasing in our country due to insulin resistance.

When insulin resistance increases in most patients, the symptoms of steatohepatitis begin to appear.

The liver becomes swollen to such an extent that the process of cirrhosis starts and the result of liver edema is vomiting of blood, ascites, and the chances of liver cancer increase.

Most patients with fatty liver do not suffer from liver failure, but liver edema can lead to many complications. Lifestyle changes are very important to avoid this disease. Thus, patients with diabetes. If they are suffering, they should get their disease treated regularly, so that the chances of diseases like fatty liver can be eliminated.

Since different liver diseases are seen, the treatment methods are also different.

As the most effective drugs are available for the treatment of viral hepatitis, there are also vaccines against certain viruses. No effective treatment has yet been discovered, but certain medications and positive lifestyle changes can prevent fatty liver disease.

Endoscopy is effective to prevent the vomiting of blood. In this way, many modern methods and treatments have been introduced for the treatment of liver cancer. Then liver transplant (liver transplant) is also an effective treatment method and now. Successful liver transplantation is also being done in Pakistan.

If you notice any unusual symptoms in yourself or someone in your household, get tested for liver inflammation immediately on the advice of a doctor.

If the positive report is positive, start treatment immediately.

Hepatitis vaccine can be administered at any age, so it must be administered. Adopt a positive and simple lifestyle. Any type of injection (injection). When applying, make sure the syringe is brand new. Always insist on using a new blade when shaving or trimming.

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