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Whenever there is a road accident - the first concern of the injured person is this

Whenever there is a road accident, the first concern of the injured person is this
Whenever there is a road accident, the first concern of the injured person is this

Arthritis, medically known as gout, commonly referred to as joint pain, joint inflammation, or bone inflammation is a disease with an equal incidence in developed and developing countries. Some time ago, it was said that this disease affects only the elderly, but now children and young people are also affected by arthritis.

Due to the lack of information and medical facilities related to arthritis here, the patients approach the doctor when the disease becomes severe. As most elderly people look at the age requirement when the initial symptoms appear. However, when the crookedness in the gait becomes noticeable and it becomes difficult to perform daily tasks, then the doctor is contacted.

People suffering from obesity are usually prone to this disease and their symptoms are also more severe.

Thus, there are many types of arthritis, but we have two common types Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Caused by low-fat content.

Its casualties are for the most part individuals beyond 60 years old, however large individuals are bound to be impacted after the age of 40. Early symptoms of the disease include fatigue and joint pain. The common causes of the disease are not exercising or walking regularly, poor diet and mental stress, etc. In this disease, due to swelling of the bone joints and the penetration of the ends of the bones, it becomes difficult to walk, sit up and move the joints. There is severe pain.

If this sickness isn't treated in the beginning phases, the joints become firm and fixed.
Patients with arthritis need to walk daily so that the disease does not worsen and if they are obese, their weight will also be under control. In some cases, for older people. Walking can be harmful, as it rubs against the kneecap, increasing joint pain.

It would be better to consult a doctor.

Osteoarthritis is actually an inflammatory disorder of the joint membrane, in which the joint membrane swells and causes severe damage to the soft and brittle bone (Cartilage). This disease especially affects the joints of the fingers, due to which the fingers become crooked and deformed. There is no age limit for the beginning of osteoarthritis, yet it influences a large number of individuals.

If it is analyzed in the first place and convenient treatment is begun, the sickness can be controlled somewhat, generally, long-lasting handicap turns into predetermination.

To prevent arthritis and other bone diseases, eat a balanced diet, eat milk, fruits, and vegetables, keep your weight under control, exercise daily, eat less processed foods and for muscle strength. Special exercises should be done.

There is a remedy for this in Greek medication. Some patients try the tips shared on social media, which is definitely not correct because a qualified doctor after examination prescribes medicine etc. according to the patient's symptoms and the nature of the disease. Therefore, instead of doing your own treatment, it is appropriate to consult a qualified doctor. Generally, you can drink two spoons of ginger syrup with one tablet of Ojai in the morning and evening before eating.

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